Über das Programm

Course duration / ECTS 4 Semesters / 120 ECTS
Qualification obtained Master of Arts (MA)
Teaching language English
Requirements - A Bachelor's degree in a field related to the subject
- Proof of language skills in English
- ALES examination for Turkish applicants
Start of studies See Academic Calendar: http://oidb.tau.edu.tr/de/lisansustu

The “International Communication and Media Research” Master's program focuses on teaching innovative methods for the creation, implementation and evaluation of digital communication and media content, with an extensive focus on research and professional orientation. The primary focus is on the analysis of changes in public communication, i.e. the latest developments and trends in the media and communication sector.

The course is characterized by four main attributes: innovation, research orientation, internationality and interdisciplinarity.
  • The degree program is innovative, as it focuses on computer-based methods in addition to classical methods and thus educates specialists in digital communication and media.
  • The course is research-oriented, since the curriculum primarily teaches skills for the theoretical and empirical analysis of complex phenomena in the field of digital communication and media.
  • The Master’s program is international, due to the diverse teaching staff, the strongly comparative character of teaching and research, and the orientation towards global quality standards.
  • The course is interdisciplinary, comprising knowledge of Communication Science, Data Science and Computer Science, and special care is taken to integrate relevant topics with comparative research from the fields of Cultural Studies, Political Science, Law and Economics.

The course is an English-language Master’s program with a standard duration of 4 semesters and 120 ECTS, which is planned and implemented in cooperation with the Ilmenau University of Technology and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Graduates of the Master’s program are awarded the academic qualification “Master of Arts,” abbreviated to “MA”.

The program comprises 14 courses and completion is contingent upon submitting a Master’s thesis. Classes are taught by Turkish lecturers from the Turkish-German University and by lecturers from the Ilmenau University of Technology, the University of Passau and the University of Leipzig.
Students are assumed to acquire the following qualifications and skills upon completing the English-language Master’s degree in “International Communication and Media Research”:
1. Graduates have profound theoretical and methodological knowledge in Communications and Media Studies.
2. The Master’s program qualifies graduates to independently plan, conduct, evaluate and report qualitative and quantitative empirical research in the field of Communications and Media.
3. Graduates have the ability to successfully use the acquired basic concepts, theories and methods of Communications and Media Studies to formulate and process socially relevant research questions and critically analyze media communication processes.
4. The Master’s program enables graduates to work on problems in the scope of their subject area, including interdisciplinary approaches, at an internationally compatible level.
5. Graduates are able to comprehend and reflect on international and intercultural aspects of media communication as well as recent trends in communication and media research.
6. The Master’s program qualifies graduates for academic work and application-oriented research.
Completion of the course qualifies graduates to continue their academic education within the framework of a doctoral study and enables a career in the following areas of the communication and media industry in Turkey and abroad:
-University and Research Institutions  Digital Information and  
  Communication Technologies
Organizational Communication Communication Consulting
Media Management Media and Opinion Research
Public Relations Strategic Digital Communication